As entrepreneurs, brilliant ideas come fast and furious. Turn them on.

Inspiration strikes fast and when you least expect it. If you aren't ready to take inspired action, chances are, your ideas will never come to life. They'll stay on your "someday" list or get lost in the mix of everything else you want to accomplish -- never to be heard from again. 

Don't let your ideas go to waste. Epiphany Idea lab has the tools and resources for you to bring your ideas to life.


Meet your idea mentor

Hi, I'm Kathy Rasmussen, and I LOVE ideas. My journey started the brilliant idea to become an event planner. Overnight, I'd started my own company and began to learn the event production ropes. Thirteen years and hundreds of events later, I've mastered project management and have created my own methodology for implementing any type of idea.

I went on to become the cofounder and artistic director of Badassery Magazine, the founder & CEO of Sinq Business Solutions. And now, I'm honored to present to you my proven system of idea implementation as the Epiphany Idea Lab: all the tools and resources you need to turn on your brilliant ideas.  

Whether you need quick reference on the blog, a self-paced eCourse, or intense 1:1 sessions, I'm here to help you make your ideas happen.  


Implement your ideas at your own pace with downloadable courses, workbooks and other resources. 

Feeling stuck, unsure or overwhelmed with getting your idea off the ground. Get  intense 1:1 strategy on implementing your idea.

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Get the full experience including a self-paced course, 1:1 strategy time, group masterminds & an Epiphany Idea Planner.